Pellets, biomass pellets, briquetting and pelletizing press, CZ

KOVO NOVAK Jan Novak, Citonice - Znojmo, the Czech Republic, CZ.
The line for production of pellets for heating and granules for feeding.
Production of pellets from biomass. The briquetting press and pelletizing press.
Pellets are environmentally friendly bio-fuel with high energy content. They are produced by pressing from sawdust without using other additives.

Also the cutting grinder is intended for cutting and crushing (scrapping) of straw for production of pellets.
The dismantler - the separator and crusher for production of pellets from straw.
The grinder for grinding of wood shavings and sawdust for production of pellets, all types of grains and whole corn cobs.
The crusher intended for crushing of paper, cardboards, magazines, shredding of documents.
We produce for the whole Czech Republic and also for foreign countries.

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