The offer has been placed by company Segezha Packaging s.r.o.

Paper sacks, refuse sacks, valve bags, the Czech Republic

Our company is engaged in production, sale of paper sacks:
- valve bags (packaging for animal feed, grain, flour, cement, liquid products):
- filling under pressure
- volume from 3 l - 150 l
- automatic closing
- sealing closure systems
- glued open mouth sacks (packaging for foods, dairy products, animal feed, proteins):
- manual, automatic filling
- combination of paper and foil
- volume from 3 l - 550 l
- rectangular bottom bags (packaging for chemical products, foodstuffs, animal feed):
- box shape, space-saving
- hot-sealed closures
- size from 10 l - 166 l
- big sacks (large volume handling - granulated, loose products):
- firm paper
- fast filling
- waste sacks:
- volume from 8 l - 350 l
- sorted waste, biological waste, hazardous waste, hospital refuse, garden, household refuse.

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