Heavy-duty machine tools, boring and turning mills - servicing and production, the Czech Republic

Heavy-duty machine tools, boring and turning mills - servicing and production.

Our company was established in 2010. We have high and qualified expertise with more than 15 years of experience of our existing staff. It is the company with significant and stable foreign majority capital interest. We are a producer of heavy-duty vertical turning lathes, incl. provision of high-quality and professional service.

Our own products mainly include heavy-duty vertical turning lathes - boring and turning mills. We have background enabling not only development, but also implementation in the form of manufacturing and assembly process.

We are able to offer and provide other accessories within machine equipment or its extension as for technological extent of its manufacturing process. This accessory includes especially milling heads, tool holders and grinding equipment.

The regular service inspection of the machines is carried out by our engineers either after half a year or after one year. The process and results are recorded in a „service book of the machine”.

The offer has been placed by company VTL Blansko, a.s.

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