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Panel radiators from the manufacturer - Korado, the Czech Republic

The Czech radiator manufacturer - KORADO JSC company offers a diverse range of panel radiators both for flats, houses and for offices. Our panel radiators are permanently technically and visually improved and they are affordable to all.
KORADO, JSC, the reputable producer of panel radiators, manufactures RADIK panel heating bodies in single, double or triple panel design.
RADIK panel radiators are manufactured in 6 basic versions:
KLASIK - with side outlets and a shaped front plate
VENTIL KOMPAKT - built-in internal interconnection piping and valves, with bottom outlets
PLAN - with side outlets or bottom outlets with a plain front panel
MM - without a valve with bottom middle connection and a shaped front panel
HYGIENE - for rooms demanding high hygiene
VERTIKAL - vertical heating unit without a valve with bottom middle connection

KORADO, JSC distributes its products all over the world. We will be happy to answer everything you want to know and have not read from our website.

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