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Grower distilleries and fruit distilleries

Grower distilleries and fruit distilleries

Distillation apparatuses for production of fruit spirits
The company DESTILA, Ltd. based in Brno, has been a traditional manufacturer of food equipment, including stills, from 1947. A grower distillery is a set of technological equipment destined for extraction of fruit spirits from fermented fruit mashes. We continue good traditions in development and production but also promote the latest trends.
We produce and supply distillation apparatuses with accessories in various variants. Sizes of these appliances have become stable on three basic types for batch capacity of 150, 300 and 600l. Most often we supply devices with a rectifying column.
After many years of experience and on the basis of users' impulses, DESTILA offers equipment arrangement which is absolutely unique by its conception and provides a still operator with unprecedented comfort, reduction of water, energy and gas consumption, human effort and many other benefits from purchase concerns to the distillation operation.
The device is very flexible and it allows a wide range of operating modes which can be used in practice. The device with a built-in catalytic converter meets the strictest criteria for the content of harmful substances in the distillate.
This modern equipment is more technically advanced, more energy saving, less space and operation demanding than the more familiar "two-boiler" distillation apparatuses. Also, the distillate purity (the content of harmful substances, such as methylalcohol and others) is significantly better than in two-boiler apparatuses - with a raw material boiler and rectifying boiler. We recommend and most supply gas (natural gas, propane-butane) boiler heating but also with wood, steam or electricity.
For all stills we offer a spirit gauge, all made of stainless steel, provided customer service by us as an exclusive importer for the Czech Republic.
The equipment supplied by us can be used, with a small addition, in tax treatment of grower distilleries and fruit distilleries.
According to customer's demand we can supply also other completion or arrangement variants of distillation equipment and accessories.

Our distillation apparatuses are certified by TÜV CZ test room according to valid European standards and they meet their requirements in all respects.
Distillation apparatuses of KPD type are protected by the industrial design No. PVZ 2005-36193 issued by the Industrial Property Office in Prague.
Company DESTILA quality system is certified according to CSN EN ISO 9001:2001.




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