Geological work, engineering geology and geotechnics Prague, the Czech Republic

Our company GEOtest, JSC has been working in the field of engineering geology, geotechnics and hydrogeology more than 40 years. We always adapt provided services to requirements of our clients.

We offer geotechnical consultancy, construction supervision, engineering-geological surveys and geotechnical assessments, consultations and solutions appreciating archival exploration work to our clients.

In the field of geological work, we carry out:
-emergency plans when handling harmful substances
-preparation of waste management plans of originators
-protection and remediation of groundwater and bedrock
-disposal of old ecological burdens
-environmental impact assessment (EIA)
-risk analyses and environmental audits
-waste management, landfill sites, cleaner production
-analytics of water (groundwater, surface water, contaminated water), soils and wastes
-hydrogeology, cartography, geoinformatics and remote exploration of the Earth
-engineering geology and geotechnics, geotechnical monitoring
-soil mechanical and geotechnical testing
-geophysical measurements and geodetic survey
-and more.

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