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Express shipment delivery with DHL, the Czech Republic

Express shipment delivery with DHL, the Czech Republic

Are you pressed for time and worried that your shipment will not be delivered in time? Express shipment delivery from the DHL company is a matter of course.
Express shipment delivery through the Domestic service will never let you down. Services of the domestic express transport within the Czech Republic offer various kinds of delivery.
The Domestic service provides:

- DHL Sprintline - urgent delivery on the same day
- DHL Domestic express - next day delivery by a certain time
- DHL Domestic express easy - less urgent deliveries by a certain day

DHL offers express shipment delivery from one table to another precisely on time according to the service you choose. This global service is carried out by local teams and offers quick delivery with a possibility of tracking the shipments during the whole time of their transport.
Do not hesitate to contact us and use our services.
We guarantee the express delivery of your shipment.




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New products from January 1, 2010

New products from January 1, 2010

On the occasion of the change of our products, we have also gone into their price adjustment. The overview of current rates and tariffs, including the price calculator, you can find at

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