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Second-hand car marts

Car repair shops, Service stations

Driving schools

Car scrapyards

Petrol stations, Filling stations

Motorcycles and scooters

Motor accesories

Goods motor vehicles

Passenger motor vehicles

Utility motor vehicles

Car washes

Spare parts and car accessories

Towing service

Vehicle insurance

Tyre services, Tire services

Technical inspection stations and emission


Veteran cars, Vintage cars

Travelling and accommodation

Travel agencies and guides

Cycle touring

Castles and chateaux


Wine tours

Congress and business tourism

Transport, Transportation

Bus service, Bus transport

Dispatching and forwarding

Van transport

Traffic signs and light signaling

Courier service and forwarding

Air transport


Logistics and transport companies

Freight transport

Ticket offices, Advance sale of tickets

Moving, Relocation

Traffic control systems

Taxi services

Railway transport

House, flat and garden

Architectural and design services


Real estates

Construction materials

House and flat furnishings


Hardware, Ironmongery

Electro- and computers

Audio and video

Automatic machines, vending and gambling

Home electric appliances

Electric apparatuses for industry

Wiring material and components

Electronic devices and components

Electronic security systems and accessories

Cameras and accessories

Air conditioning and ventilation

Mobile phones and accessories

Spare parts for electro

Lighting and lights

Computers and accessories

Satellite and antenna equipment

Telecommunications equipment

Computing and office machinery

Finances and law

Banks and savings banks

Securities, brokers, stock markets

Financial counseling

Financial companies

Mortgages, loans and leasing

Investment activities

Bankruptcies, auctions and distraints



Legal services

Money exchange activity

Sworn experts and appraisers

Accounting, tax and audit services

Culture and entertainment

Botanical gardens and arboretums

Theatres and operas

Film and video

Gambling clubs, lotteries, wagers


Museums, art galleries and exhibition rooms

Newspapers and magazines

Dating agencies and services

Dance studios

Television and radio

Entertainment and cultural amenities

ZOOs and aquariums

Restaurants and catering

Bars, casinos and night clubs

Catering services

Confectioner's shops and cafés


Internet cafés

Cafeterias, Lunchrooms

Motorway restaurants

Beerhouses and pubs


Food distribution and delivery services

Fast foods

Wine bars and wine cellars




Other crafts

Restoration work

Building skilled handiwork

Engineering trades

Artistic work


Architectural and design services

Benefits, gift and discount vouchers

Wrapping services

Security agencies

Customs services

Copy centres

Ecology and wastes


Photographic studios

Information services, call centres

Shopping centres, hypermarkets and supermarkets


Body care

Dog salons, hotels and spas

Recruitment agencies

Computer and Internet services

Consultancy activity

Postal services

Project management

Translation and interpreting services

Real estates


Storage, Warehousing

Social services

Telecommunication and transmission services

Printing works

Space tidying up and cleaning up



Rehearsal rooms


Aquaparks, swimming pools and bathing establishment

Fitness centres and muscle-conditioning gyms

Billiards and bowling

Sports and recreational services

Sports halls and gymnasiums

Sports clubs and sportgrounds

Sports goods

Tennis and squash

Playing field and sports ground equipment

Facilities for sport, tourism and recreation

Building industry

Swimming pools

Developer activities

Engineering networks


Scaffoldings and assembly platforms


Design work in building industry

Buildings, Structures

Building skilled handiwork

Supervision of construction

Construction equipment and machinery

Construction materials

Gates and fences

Hardware, Ironmongery

Consumer goods

Gifts and souvenirs

Toiletries and cosmetics

Clocks and watches

Games and toys

Music and musical instruments

Breeders' equipment

Jewellery and costume jewellery

Books and textbooks

Office supplies

Prams and car seats

Metal products


Painting and art supplies

Lubricants and oils


Stationery, Paper products

Plastic and rubber products

Food products

Glass, china and ceramics

Other consumer goods

Antique shops

Tobacco products

Textiles, clothing, footwear and accessories

Gardening tools and accessories

Entertainment pyrotechnics

Machinery and equipment for companies

Machinery and equipment

Engineering trades and work

Engineering plants and metal fabrication

Equipment for companies

Raw materials, energetics and semifinished products



Semifinished products


Raw materials

Production and distribution of energies

Ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Authorities and organizations


Children's homes

Homes for the elderly

Protected workshops

Political, ethnic and religious organizations

Professional corporations and associations

State and local government


Interest associations

Education and science

Certification and homologation



Nursery schools

Secondary schools and vocational schools

Universities and higher vocational schools

Research and development

Elementary schools

Health and health service


Spas and rehabilitation centres


Medical equipment and devices

Medicines and drugs

Hospitals, clinics and health centres


Consulting rooms and medical specialist services

General practitioner surgeries

Veterinary clinics

Health insurance

Medical aids and material

Agriculture and forestry

Animal breeding



Game management

Crop growing

Selective breeding

Watercourse operation

Seed growing

Services in plant production and soil cultivation

Timber harvesting and processing


Agricultural chemicals and fertilizers

Other agricultural products