ADECCO spol. s r.o.

ADECCO spol. s r.o.
Stetkova 18
Praha 4
140 00

Telephone (+420):
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Country: The Czech Republic
Reg. No.: 45806403
VAT No.: CZ45806403
District: Praha-mesto
Legal form limited company
Contact person: Andrea Svihlikova
Turnover: 334 thousand - 1 667 thousand Euro
Employees: 6 - 25 employees




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Prague employment agency, human resources consultancy, searching of employees workers

We are a dominant company in the worldwide market of personnel counselling.

We provide comprehensive solutions in the field of human resources. Particularly we have an offer of flexible labour forces and resources of personnel consultancy.

The company's goal is to provide our customers with a wide range of services in the field of human resources management and always offer flexible solution for their needs.

We have representations in 70 countries of the world, we employ 33 000 of our own employees in 6 600 branches and they place 700 000 job seekers with their clients daily.

Staff agency
Personnel counselling
Job agency, search of employees

Offered services:
- Temporary Staffing temporary assistance
- Permanent Placement search for candidates for permanent jobs
- Try&Hire try out and sort out
- Executive Search direct approach, executive search
- Recruitment Support support for recruitment
- Assessment Centres and Evaluation assessment centres
- Payroll Services processing of payroll and personnel administrative work
- Outsourcing takeover of auxiliary and service parts of your company
- Call Centres
- Outplacement LHH.

We provide all staff from workmen through clerical staff up to middle and top management, especially in the following fields:
- administration
- industry
- manufacturing
- technical branches
- building industry
- finance
- hotel and hospitality industry
- health care
- the world number one in the labour market.
WEBSITE ADECCO spol. s r.o.


WEBSITE ADECCO spol. s r.o.


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ADECCO spol. s r.o.

ADECCO spol. s r.o.


Central office
ADECCO spol. s r.o.
Stetkova 18, Praha 4 140 00
GPS: 50°3′35.78″ N, 14°25′48.58″ E
ADECCO spol. s r.o.
ADECCO spol.s r.o
Karlova 108, Pisek 397 01
GPS: 49°18′34.74″ N, 14°8′49.74″ E
ADECCO spol.s r.o
ADECCO spol.s r.o
Pekarenska 6, Brno 602 00
GPS: 49°12′5.4″ N, 16°36′1.4″ E
ADECCO spol.s r.o
ADECCO spol.s r.o
Havelcova 70, Kolin 280 00
GPS: 50°1′32.12″ N, 15°12′4.25″ E
ADECCO spol.s r.o
ADECCO spol.s r.o.
Hrncirska 8/5, Usti nad Labem 400 01
GPS: 50°39′38.52″ N, 14°2′34.58″ E
ADECCO spol.s r.o.
ADECCO spol.s r.o.
Na Sadech 13/2017, Ceske Budejovice 370 01
GPS: 48°58′34.5″ N, 14°28′42.6″ E
ADECCO spol.s r.o.
ADECCO spol.s r.o.
Rooseveltova 48/18, Plzen 301 00
GPS: 49°44′56.98″ N, 13°22′45.52″ E
ADECCO spol.s r.o.
ADECCO, spol.s r.o
Safarikova 550, Hradec Kralove 500 02
GPS: 50°12′38.27″ N, 15°49′28.06″ E
ADECCO, spol.s r.o
ADECCO, spol.s r.o.
Ceskobratrska 1276/9, Ostrava 702 00
GPS: 49°50′22.27″ N, 18°17′23.06″ E
ADECCO, spol.s r.o.
ADECCO spol.s r.o
Ujezd 1/600, Praha 5 - Ujezd 150 00
GPS: 50°4′46.63″ N, 14°24′16.45″ E
ADECCO spol.s r.o