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Published 29.02.2016
Topováno 17.01.2017

Custom-made welded screens and crimped wire mesh are produced by the SITAP company

Quality of production, delivery speed and ability to offer various atypical designs of screens and wire mesh – all in order to satisfy the customer. That is the SITAP, s.r.o. company which since 1992 manufactures and sells pressed, woven and crimped screens, as well as welded screens, reinforcing grids and other products. Everything is produced both in standard sizes and custom sizes according to the customer's wish.

Crimped wire mesh

Reinforcing grids and more – why choose SITAP?

SITAP's main advantage is providing its customers with the possibility of ordering custom-made screens and wire mesh. We try to meet all the customer's requirements and that is why we produce welded screens, crimped screens and reinforcing grids with square or rectangular mesh, all in various designs. Mesh width, wire diameter, screen size and even the material can by adjusted to the customer's wish.

Screens and mesh including transport

High quality of our products is a matter of course, for we take it as a standard. But our strength is also the delivery speed. We provide automobile as well as railway transport. The products are transported on standard EUR-pallets or special pallets made to measure.

Custom-made products – welded screens and others

Our broad range of products will satisfy everyone. Thanks to various combinations of mesh and wire diameter the custom-made welded screens from our manufacture have truly wide range of uses. They can be used for instance in the production of shipping pallets, cages, metal furniture, pergolas, fences, protective barriers and so on.

Crimped wire mesh

In our offer you can also find crimped wire mesh, which is used in fence frames, as well as in the production of shipping pallets, racks, metal furniture, stair railings, cages, etc.

We also produce reinforcing grids that will find their use in construction industry, agriculture, gardening and animal breeding. They are suitable both for reinforced concrete structures and road constructions.

Welded screens and mesh – online store

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