Published 10.10.2016
Updated 05.06.2017

SPORTTURIST – SPECIAL: Prague Exchange Office with commission-free transactions

Need to buy a foreign currency or exchange it for Czech Crowns? Then, a classic exchange office in Prague, run by SPORTTURIST-SPECIAL Ltd., is your best choice. Moreover, we can arrange Western Union services and are a member of the TicketArt sales network.

Exchange office and money transfers

Prague Exchange Office: commission-free foreign currency buy/sale

We have been providing exchange services since 1992. We buy/sell foreign currencies of various countries, our exchange office enables you to trade USD, NOK, PLN, RON, HRK, JPY, CAD, HUF, GBP, EUR, AUD, BGN, RUB, CHF and SEK. We can guarantee a favourable exchange rate for buy/sell operations. Why the SPORTTURIST – SPECIAL exchange office? You can buy/sell foreign currencies without paying any commission. Come and enjoy our services.

Prague Exchange Office: visit us on Panská Street in Prague

Exchange office and money transfers around the globe

Our exchange office is not the only business we focus on. We also run a network of Western Union branch offices which provide cash transfers to/from abroad. We have been providing Western Union services since 1994 and are among its longest-operating and most experienced partners. Using the Western Union global network, international money transfers can be arranged to more than 200 countries worldwide. Transfer can be performed without creating a bank account, you can send and accept money at any Western Union branch office, both in Czech Crowns and, at selected offices, in US dollars.

Reliable and fast money transfers around the globe

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