Design of new or refurbished pharmaceutical facilities in the Czech Republic

The specialised firm of Lab & Pharma spol. s r.o. from Prague offers services including design of entire facilities or partial deliveries of laboratory equipment and installations for pharmaceutical and medical facilities.

The specialised firm of Lab & Pharma spol. s r.o. with registered office in Prague and its specialists from a variety of fields offers its services for designing structures for pharmacy and healthcare to domestic and foreign investors in these specific and demanding projects.

Thanks to the vast experience of the company’s workers, the company is able to precisely plan, design and manage new buildings, turn-key projects and the renovation of existing laboratories, pharmaceutical, veterinary and biotechnology facilities.

These services include the delivery of equipment required for the specifics of pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing or research conducted by units of the assigning company, including, of course, training of personnel and maintenance services. This includes equipment for the manufacturing of solid, gaseous, liquid or soft forms of medical drugs and substances, and even radioactive forms of drugs.

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Lab & Pharma, spol. s r.o.

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