Conical band springs - evolute, made to measure the Czech Republic

SV vyrobni, s.r.o. is a company with high quality products and long-term manufacturing experience - ensures the production of conical band or evolute springs to measure.

The production and sales of evolute springs are provided by the company SV vyrobni, s.r.o., based in Prostejov near Olomouc. Reliable company with many years of manufacturing experience in the field of metalworking operates not only throughout the Czech Republic but also abroad.

Conical band spring - evolute, manufactured according to supplied standardized drawings or delivered sample. We also produce evolute springs of atypical dimensions to customer requirements.

Springs are made of spring steel:
- 14 260 - ČSN 41 4260
- 15 260 - ČSN 41 5260
- 50CrV4 - DIN 17 200, EN 10083-1
- 51CrV4 - DIN 17 350, EN 10083-1
- 54SiCr6 - DIN 17 221, EN 10089.

SV vyrobni, s.r.o. - design and manufacture of springs by request.

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SV vyrobni, s.r.o.

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