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Glasses for food industry - production, food jars, food glasses, packaging glass for ketchup, mayonnaise Czech Republic

Glasses for the food industry are manufactured by Sklarny Moravia, glass factory located in Usobrno, the Czech Republic. Glass factory supplies packaging glass for ketchup, mayonnaise, spice and other.

We specialize in the production of packaging glass and bottles of various shapes and design.
We provide food glasses for the Czech Republic and abroad.

We produce in our glassworks these food glasses:
- asparagus 320 ml
- ketchup 300 ml, 250 ml
- mayonnaise 250 ml
- spice 100 ml

We are a traditional manufacturer and seller of packaging glass. We focus on the production of bottles, glasses and flacons of original shapes according to the customer's requirements.

We provide processing of new design, drawing documentation, production of molds, packaging according to your requirements and other supplies for complete assembly of products.

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