Insulation of walls, ceilings and constructions made of natural hemp fibers, the Czech Republic

High-quality natural products from hemp fibers used to insulate the walls of buildings, ceilings and constructions, sells KOBE-cz s.r.o. from the Czech Republic.

If you need to insulate walls, ceilings or constructions, then contact KOBE-cz s.r.o. from the Czech Republic, which will provide you the insulating material from natural hemp fibers.

We use natural hemp fibers to produce KOBE ECO HEMP FLEX insulation material that can be used to insulate internal and external walls in wooden grids and walls with metal posts, to isolate wooden beamed ceilings and prefabricated structures.

The main benefits of natural hemp fiber include:
- medical harmlesness
- excellent storage capabilities
- simple handling and assembly
- high diffusion openness
- made from renewable sources

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