CZECH REPUBLIC; SIPs, SIP, Structural insulated panels, Europanel

The Europanel Ltd. company offers the Europanel structural building system based on Structural Insulated Panels technology .
SIPs, SIP structural panels were developed and first used in the USA. They have been successfully used for wooden building construction for more than 60 years. Europanel SIPs is made of OSB4 and expanded polystyrene. Europanel SIPs contains no formaldehyde. SIPS are intended for construction of houses, buildings for business, for construction of warehouses, weekend cottages and other types of recreational facilities.
Building-up from SIPs is very simple and is clearly evident in the instructional video at You can find many applications of Europanel SIPs in photo galleries on this website.
Europanel provides training of construction and design companies and elaborates assembly documentation for individual buildings according to investor's demands. Europanel develops construction system systematically and provides technical consultancy for all of its clients.

The offer has been placed by company EUROPANEL, s.r.o.

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