Tire recycling line production - Pavel Jelinek - Stroje (machines, machinery)

Pavel Jelinek is a company with long tradition not only in production of recycling lines for tires, but also in production of crushers for alternative fuels, conveyors, knife mills and other special equipment.

Recycling lines that we produce crush tires from coarse fraction, for use as fuel not only in cement mills, up to fine granulate, used for sporting purposes, playground surfaces and suchlike, including separation of metal and cotton.

A special patented construction of our crushing blades seated in tire recycling lines saves large amounts in subsequent operations.

Our company produces and supplies:
- technological lines for separation of yogurt from plastics
- single-shaft, two-shaft crushers
- separators
- technological lines for sludge hygienization
- tire recycling lines
- spare parts
- knife mills
- granulators

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