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INDIA; Spirulina

We Emmar Export from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India are into production of Spirulina – Blue Green Algae (The Super Natural Food of 21st Century ). Spirulina is cultivated and packed under high supervision, in pollution free environment and by very hygienic manner. Emmar Spirulina does not contain any preservatives or ingredients either for taste (or) smell (or) colour. The ingredients are pure Spirulina by itself.
Spirulina contains 60 – 70 % Digestible Protein, 18 Types of Ammino Acids, Minerals, Vitamins ( B-6, B-12), Betacarotene, Gama Lilenic Acid, Folic Acid, Phycocyanin Pigment and all other nutrients which is essential for our health. Spirulina is also used in Beauty Industry, Hatcheries, Poultry Industry in which it acts as Anti- Viral agent and enhances the growth of the Species.
Health Benefits of Spirulina
1. Enhances Immunity (or) Immune response.
2. Supports Heart and reduce Cholesterol.
3. Helps to improve the Digestive System.
4. Naturally helps the detoxification process.
5. Reduces the risk of Cancer and increases the Anti- Oxidant Capacity.
Test Report
Our product is Analysed, Tested and the report is issued by SGS Laboratories India Pvt Ltd.
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