Creating high-quality websites

Creating high-quality websites
Quality website from the European databank

A quality website is an easy, inexpensive and above all an effective way to let the world know about your company's services and products.

Customizing a quality website is good to have because…
… Who is not on the Internet as if he was not
… When someone searches for something, he first looks at the internet
… More and more people buy online
… It is not at all difficult and expensive to get your own quality website.

Content Management System Eliška - CMS system for your website

Content Management System Eliška - CMS system for your website
Content Management System Eliška is a unique CMS system that combines the features of classic open source CMS on one side and closed administration systems on the other. Would you like a working and successful web that search engines won't ignore? Do you find familiar content management systems, ...

PPC advertising on Facebook

PPC advertising on Facebook
Marketing Agency Evropska databanka a.s. (EDB) We will design and implement your PPC advertising on the social network Facebook. PPC advertising means that you pay for truly skilled users to your site. Ad serving is completely free, which helps to consolidate your business image. So why not be ...
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