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How to be the master of your life - Seminar for those who want to improve their life and believe that it is possible

I invite you to the 1st Principles of Life® seminar entitled “How to Be the Master of Your Life”. For those who want to be more confident in their lives, have closer relationships, understand that conflicts belong to life.

Principles of Life® is an original practical philosophy of life in the Czech Republic that helps people to orient themselves in their lives. If you are dealing with topics such as dissatisfaction, fear, insecurity, indecision, remorse, inoperative relationship between partners, parents and children, problems at work or school, do not hesitate to come to the seminar.
You will get a tool to learn more about your life, find out why it sometimes gets into situations that you don't like, have closer relationships, understand conflicts, who solve a difficult life situation, or vice versa, who seems to have but everything in her life lacks something important.

I set specific dates by agreement and start on Friday at 2pm,
on Saturdays and Sundays from 9.00 to 17.00.

The seminar is held in Nespek u Benešov, V Sadu 66,
The price for a three-day seminar is CZK 4, 000.

More information at
Libuše Jíšová
604 636 960

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