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Alcohol testers, Brno, renting, measurement of alcohol in blood, calibration

The Altest Ltd. company has focused on alcohol testers. You can either buy an alcohol meter or a new service for companies is alcohol tester renting, a digital drug tester from saliva.

In our shop in Jugoslavska 124a, Brno we advise and sell:
-alcohol tester - detection tubes, mouthpieces, measuring bag, cutter, instructions
-digital alcohol detector
-alcohol testers comparable to those used by police
-alcohol tester - electrochemical sensor
-alcohol tester - high precision and range of measuring - up to 6.3 per mille
-DRUGCHECK - drug tester from saliva.

We accept orders by fax, phone, e-mail, a personal purchase or by ordering in our Internet shop, e-shop.

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