Reclamation and remedial work, remediation and reclamation

We are an expert in the field of reclamation, we have 60 years of experience and special equipment with trained staff.
We are engaged in landscape and nature protection, modification of watercourses and greenery creation.
We provide reclamation-rehabilitation work:
- decontamination and reclamation of undermined areas is one of important activities in elimination of coal mining impacts.
We carry out interventions such as:
- heap landscaping
- forming of a new area
- disposal of an old sludge reservoir
- subsidence trough removal.
Remediation of old environmental burdens:
- old environmental burdens are a big problem in areas where industrial production occurred.
Remediation work involves such measures as:
- decontamination of water and soil
- demolition of a building
- monitoring of an area
- territory protection.

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