The offer has been placed by company Evropska databanka a.s.

LEBANON; oyster-mushroom mycelium

We are a cooperative for cultivation of oyster-mushroom "Pleurotus ostreatus", we have 8 rooms for cultivation with an average area of 14 m2 and use the method of cultivation in bags. We are interested in purchasing the original mycelium (G1). We will reproduce it to (G2) and (G3). We have four seasons, so the temperature fluctuates between 10 and 37°C. Please answer the questions:
1) Parameters of cultivation
2) Cultivation productivity and how you find it out
3) Photos
4) Has it got any specific requirements for reproduction?
5) Price per unit (how much mycelium is needed)?
6) In what form do you sell it and what capacity?
7) How long time take a transport to Beiru (Lebanon)?

vanour eldine nour eldine

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