GYNO 4 gynaecological chair, Czech Republic.

The GYNO 4 gynaecological chair, with its construction and design, is the highest degree of chairs produced by us. It meets high requirements for function, maintenance and design.
The Gyno 4 has an electrically adjustable seat height in the range of 70 cm - 100 cm (starting height of 60 cm). A backrest and height are electrically adjustable. The backrest -5° up to +70°, the seat -10° up to +30°. It is possible to choose the fixed seat and the backrest.
The chair construction is jacketed with plastic parts easy to maintain.
The chair cover is made of certified artificial leather, colour shade can be selected from a pattern book.
The chairs can be fitted with other accessories: a headrest, Goepel leg supports with a special joint, a colposcope holder, a foot part.

The offer has been placed by company Ing. Jan Turek

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