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Testing Equipment, Australia

Aviation & Marine Hydraulic Testing Equipment
Offered for license is Technology and predetermined territory Marketing Rights for a proven new-generation, state–of-the-art series of Universal Computerised Hydraulic Test Stations that service the aviation and marine industries.

This new, state of the art technology has been developed continuously in the last 20 years designated for use in preventative and corrective testing of Aviation Hydraulic Components and systems. The Misal GSE’s provide full comprehensive hydraulic testing for:
a) Civil Aircraft
b) Defense Aircraft
c) Submarines
d) Helicopters

For the past 12 years the Technology has been further developed and upgraded with the following advances made:

a) The technology has now been converted into the category of Universal computerised Test Stations.
b) Fixed Computerised Test Stations have been developed for testing the hydraulic systems of Submarines, particularly for testing the Hydraulics of the Torpedo Discharge System for the Collins Class Submarines.

The GSE design is based on a modular concept design which allows Test Stations to be configured for testing of any type of Aircraft. This results in a considerable cost saving to the end user as only one set of Test Stations (for fixed and rotating components) is required for the testing of an entire aircraft fleet.

The current Test Stations have been improved over the years and are considered to be state-of-the-art testing facilities with a number of unique testing capabilities such as:
a) Simulated flying conditions testing
b) Accelerated ageing conditions testing

The company has also developed four different Mobile Computerised Test Stations for Aviation and Submarine use.

A unique opportunity now exists for a company having the manufacturing and marketing capability to introduce this highly advanced technology into the existing global marketplace.
s licensing opportunity would ideally suit a substantial company with strong Manufacturing and International Marketing capabilities. All assistance and training will be provided during an extended transition period.

Offers for the full acquisition of the IP will also be considered.
Interested parties should in the first instance contact:

Managing Director
Misal Technologies Pty. Ltd.

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