The offer has been placed by company TSS, spol. s r. o. Trebechovicka slevarna a strojirna

Grey-iron foundry production of castings machining of castings pattern shop, the Czech Republic

Our company TSS, Ltd. Trebechovicka slevarna a strojirna (Trebechovice Foundry and Engineering Works) is a private foundry with a pattern shop and an engineering plant.
We are engaged in production of sand castings of grey cast iron, bronze, aluminium. The foundry includes also well equipped pattern shop where patterns are manufactured from wood, polystyrene, aluminium and plastics. Mechanical production is focused on machining of castings, tools, jigs, permanent moulds and machines.
- machining of castings
- machining of weldments and machine parts
- machining of press tools
- production of moulds and inspection jigs
- production of big wooden patterns for single piece and series production
- production of complicated patterns
- production of aluminium alloy patterns
- production of polystyrene patterns
- production of moulds for plastic hot moulding
- production of moulds for laminating, for manufacturing of ships and airplanes
- production and casting of grey iron castings
- production, casting, machining of castings
- casting of nonferrous metals
Engineering plant, pattern shop, foundry.

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