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Production of plastic sewerage - OSMA, the Czech Republic

The OSMA company is the largest Czech producer of plastic pipe systems for indoor and outdoor sewerage. In the last years, production, development and introduction of new types of plastics increased not only in the plastics industry. Today several modifications of an original co-extruded (multilayer) PVC-U, modified PVC-P, molecularly oriented MO-PVC, chlorinated PVC-C, netted PVC-UX and others, having better properties in many respects, have been already developed. Ecological stabilizers based on Ca+Zn are also used. Test results of original PVC samples from 30th years have confirmed that their life time is definitely more than 2 times higher than initially planned 50 years. Production of plastic sewerage is inestimable, nearly indispensable for the environment with respect to ecology and energy saving. PVC can be repeatedly extruded without deterioration of its quality and characteristics. Sewers made of plastic from the OSMA company meet relevant standards and have long life time. If you decide to try our products, please contact us directly or visit us in the OSMA company.

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