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We are the Czech company Wranovsky Crystal Ltd. located in a traditional Czech (Bohemian) glass-making area specialized in sale of glass crystal chandeliers and lamps from production of the Czech company Josef Wranovsky. Crystal chandeliers and lights are nowadays desired design article for both classic and modern minimalist interiors which lend accent of glamour and elegance to and make the interior uniquely special. Czech glassmaking and production of mainly crystal glass is presently globally recognized and sought-after for its unique quality and almost unlimited design possibilities drawing from years of experience with traditional manual production of glass and light fittings.

We believe that lights from our production would supplement your offering in an interesting way and enable your customers to deal with their interiors comprehensively.

Our catalogue product range can be viewed on our website Finished products can be seen in our showroom in Turnov, the Czech Republic (80 km north of Prague) where we will be pleased to welcome you after previous agreement. - We have extensive experience of custom production and carrying out of specific projects.

We produce high quality Czech glass crystal chandeliers, light fittings and lamps, with glass or metal arms, chandeliers with trimmings and other original modern light fittings, chandeliers and lamps.

Our product range:
-Chandeliers and lighting fixtures with glass arms
-Chandeliers and lighting fixtures with metal arms
-Basket and surface mounted chandeliers and lighting fixtures
-Chandeliers and lighting fixtures of modern design
-Special chandeliers and lighting fixtures
-Wall lighting fittings
-Table lamps
-Floor lamps
-Decorative and utility glassware
-Costume jewellery

Murano Chandeliers are our speciality and the desired product popular with customers.
These crystal chandeliers are unique representatives of radiant beauty of glass chandeliers produced by us. History of Murano chandeliers goes back to time of the ancient glory of Venetian glassmakers and we connect it with tradition of manual Czech glass production from the highest quality Czech crystal.

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