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Air conditioning valves, cyclone separators - Filtr Zeos, the Czech Republic

The Filtr Zeos Ltd. company is engaged in production of ecological equipment for air cleanness - pulse-jet filters, cyclones, cyclone separators; in production of equipment for horizontal and vertical transport of loose materials - screw conveyors, rotary feeders; in production of pipelines, tanks and valves. Air conditioning valves are intended for closing or regulation of air mass flow in a circular or rectangular pipeline of group III. They are produced in geometric series according to CSN 120505 from DN = 100 to DN = 1250. Switching valves (branching chutes) serve to dust tight rerouting of flow of loose or granular (up to 20 mm) non-adhesive materials into separate branches of technological lines. Air conditioning valves are delivered for manual, pneumatic or electric control and for regulation and closing of air mass flow. Filtr Zeos also offers cyclones for separation of solid impurities from flowing gas. Cyclones can be used separately in case of coarse dust separation, or as pre-separation stage before fabric filters if separation of coarser fractions is necessary, technological or protective reasons, or at very high dustiness of air mass. Separating capacity of cyclones varies depending on design, dust granulometry and operating conditions. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact Filtr Zeos.

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