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Filtr Zeos company is engaged in production of ecological equipment for air purity, in production of facilities for horizontal and vertical transport - screw conveyors, in production of facilities for the qualitative acceptance of cereals - rotary feeders, in production of steel structures, tanks and pipelines. Rotary feeders are used for feeding and dosing of granular and powdered materials where pressure separation of equipment following up each other or making material flow more uniform is necessary. Rotary feeders with electronically-controlled drive are used to regulation of fed material quantity. Rotary feeders in anti-explosive version meet the statutory certification conditions according to ATEX. Filtr Zeos also offers trough and tube screw conveyors. The material used for flight is steel.
Screw conveyors are intended for installation in technological units for transport of loose non-sticky materials which do not form lumps. Screw conveyors are used in transport of dust from filters, in production of mortar mixtures, lime, ground limestone and cement and other powder and loose materials. The conveyors are equipped with square or round inlet, outlet and inspection holes according to customer's requirements, inputs and outputs are delivered in the form of semi-finished products for easy installation during assembly. Specific actions are carried out comprehensively. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us..

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