Manufacturing of chains Vamberk

The Retezy Vamberk company is one of the largest manufacturers of roller, conveyor and special chains in Central Europe. Nowadays almost no industry without chain transmission can be found. Roller chains enable movement of many things and a lot of important devices would not work without them. Roller chains are indispensable in industry and in agriculture. A chain serves as a transportation element in many devices, as positioning equipment and as an accurate tool magazine for CNC machine-tools. These devices ensure quality and accuracy of individual parts. Pins, bushings and rollers are produced on single-purpose devices and CNC machines. High quality accurate manufacturing of pressed parts is guaranteed by our own development and production of tools. Heat treatment of parts is carried out by up-to-date technology. An important element for extension of chain operating life is careful greasing and preservation. In following operation it is necessary to lubricate the chain regularly. Our products are delivered by the meter, i.e. in endless lengths or in various products. They are e.g. hanging fastenings, protection chains for wheel loaders into a highly abrasive environments, snow chains for trucks and cars, grip chains for skidders, chains for various conveyors, mine chains, fishing chains and whole range of other products.
Equipment for load lifting
Drives for impact stress
Conveyors in packing and food industry

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