Combustion Facility for Pulverized Coal Testing

IVITAS, a.s. operates a unique facility to optimize pulverized coal combustion process. Technological equipment of the facility allows our professionals to set, control and monitor all relevant parameters of the pulverized coal combustion process. We are equipped to find the best combustion mode for a specific fuel to minimize NOx and CO emission. Min 2 tons of the particular fuel are requested in order to run the combustion test properly.
Combustion facility allows special testing:
- Verifies co-combustion of various fuels
- Combustion tests focused on NOx emission reduction
- Option of tests using re-burning (burning up)
- Additives for combustion testing including SNCR
- Option of pulverized fuels mixture combustion
- Possibility of additional burning of various types of fuels with a separate additional burner
- Gauging of characteristic data within the combustion route for various combustion methods and combustion air and re-circulated combustion product.

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