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The LA LINEA Ltd. company offers custom printing, dyeing and finishing of cotton fabrics. We print cotton fabrics up to width of 180 cm on 16 colors rotary screen printing machine Buser with reactive and pigment dyes. We dye cotton fabrics on Feyen/Kuesters jigger with reactive and vat dyes. Smooth cotton sateen and warm combed flannel rank among our most popular products. We have a wide range of our own designs, from floral ones to beautiful children's motifs. We produce printed and coloured fabrics for bedding, household and decorative textiles, dress materials, printed fabrics for boxer shorts and pyjamas. We also supply fabrics suitable for health care, hospitals and hotels.

We offer over 400 000 meters of goods in stock for immediate purchase. The current offer can be found on our website and on our wholesale e-shop Orders are dispatched within 24 hours and sent all over the world.

Are you looking for a reliable partner in the textile printing and dyeing? Please contact LA LINEA Ltd. company, the textile printing mill with long-time tradition.

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