Alzbetiny Lazne - Karlovy Vary (Elizabeth's Spa - Carlsbad)

Alzbetiny Lazne, JSC provides following services:

Outpatient rehabilitation:
- rehabilitation is intended for patients on a recommendation from a medical specialist or a general practitioner

Contributory spa treatment:
- based on a recommendation for spa treatment which is written out by a general practitioner or a medical specialist
- after approval by the relevant health insurance company, therapeutic procedures are provided for 3 weeks
- examinations and checkups by a spa doctor

Direct sale of procedures:
- commercially available
- procedures available on medical prescription
- on payment.

Other services:
- swimming pool
- water bar
- DENIFE laser centre
- permanent make-up
- specialized medical outpatient departments
- counseling for natural healing methods
- active motion treatment
- cosmetic / beauty care
- hairdresser's
- massages
- rehabilitation
- more.

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