Ekolube - Czech additives for fuels and lubricants, the Czech Republic

We offer a wide range of Ekolube additives improving lubrication of friction surfaces, increasing output, reducing consumption and wear and tear. We offer fuel additives (additives for diesel and petrol), but also special additives for lubricants.

Ekolube additives are offered in several versions from Teflon ones to molecular active nano-additives depending on the purpose of use.

As for the most suitable applications, consult directly our technicians.

TESTS of lubrication additives
Ekolube preparations - Teflon® have been successfully tested in these renowned institutions where their high efficiency has been proven:
Vojenske zkusebni stredisko (Military Test Centre) (PHM) 150 Brno - mechanical tests.
Vojenska akademie (Military Academy) Brno - long-term test on passenger cars.
Vyzkumny ustav paliv a maziv (Research Institute of fuels and lubricants) Benzina JSC. Prague - mechanical tests.
Dopravni podnik mesta Brna (Brno City Transport Company) - buses.
AS - Centre Brno - buses, lorries / trucks.

The offer has been placed by company Oleje.cz - Svet maziv Ekolube s.r.o.

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