Custom production of lubricants, consultancy, the Czech Republic

We offer custom production of special lubricants for the most demanding industrial applications.

In cases where commonly available lubricants do not meet required applications and special lubricants are too expensive, we prepare lubricants tailored to the requirements occurring in a given friction node of any industrial equipment. This way, high operation economy and trouble-free operation of a device can be reached. These lubricants are manufactured under an agreement with a customer either as low-tonnage batches or only in laboratory quantity.

We also offer expert consultancy in the field of tribotechnics, which means the field concerning both lubricants themselves and ways of their application.

This concerns mainly of:
Customer's requirements and needs diagnosing.
Finding and suggestion of a suitable type of lubricant for a given friction node.
Selection of a suitable equivalent substitute lubricant if a customer considers this solution, for some reason, useful and economically advantageous.
Processing of price quotation, including individual business conditions.
Stable price levels of supplied products and services.
Distribution of quality lubricants from leading domestic and world producers, including special lubricants of our own production.
Provision of non-standard lubricants which are not commonly represented in the Czech market.
Sale of complete range of poured oils in the company headquarters.
Wide range of additional products - automotive chemicals, car cosmetics, service preparations, oil filters, lubrication equipment, means for oil spill removal, etc.
Operative and flexible supply according to customer requirements (if necessary, within 24 hours).
Transport to a destination throughout the Czech Republic.
Supply of lubricants abroad.

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