Delta Seal - SVUM-CZ surface treatment of metals, the Czech Republic

Coating materials of Delta Seal line
Delta Seal coatings are organic epoxy-phenolic highly crosslinked resins which are used, in thicknesses of 4-10 µm, as Top-Coats on underlayers of Zinc-lamella Delta Tone 9000, Delta Protekt KL 100 coatings, on bases made of galvanic Zn or Zn/Ni, they are used as sealing coatings on stainless steel parts, as well as on parts made of zinc and aluminium or their alloys, also coating of magnesium alloy components is possible.

Main functions of Delta Seal coatings:
- increase in corrosion resistance in salt fog tests, they slow down white corrosion of zinc
- increase in corrosion resistance in sulfur dioxide test according to ISO 6988 (Kesternich test) up to 15 cycles
- prevention of contact corrosion - the coating is nonconductive
- increase in resistance to automotive operating fluids, further to alkalis and acids
- long-term thermal resistance of 150-180°C in combination with Zinc-lamella coatings
- constant friction coefficient for threaded parts
- color differentiation - basic colours are silver and black, others are available on request, e.g. blue, green, red, etc.

Silver and black Delta Seal coatings (GZ version with PTFE lubricant addition) are approved for contact with foodstuffs and drinking water.

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