Rental of storage spaces, warehouse premises, storehouses, logistic and customs services Ostrava, the Czech Republic

CELogis JSC. company in Ostrava provides universal and mainly high quality service in the fields of transport, logistics and warehousing, provision of customs clearance.

Rental of warehouses:
- renting of storage spaces.

Storage services:
- storage and reception of goods into store
- palletizing, marking and foliation of goods
- labelling
- issue of goods from store
- storage areas are roofed and insulated, thus constant temperature for storage is guaranteed.

Logistic services:
- transport services
- issue and receipt of goods
- consolidation and separation of shipments
- customs clearance
- wrapping, sorting, labelling of goods
- receipts, issue slips
- barcodes.

Customs clearance is performed only for our regular customers.

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