The offer has been placed by company A.V.D. pajeni s.r.o. specialista na pajeni

Offer of soldering material and accessories, the Czech Republic

The A.V.D. pajeni (A.V.D. soldering) Ltd. company offers you:
- hard soldering technology using liquid deoxidant - ECOFLUX® flux - as the only ones we can offer you a non-toxic variant of liquid deoxidant,
- fluxes for hard and soft soldering in the form of powder and paste, liquid fluxes so called "FLUX",
- solders in the form of paste with silver, copper, nickel, tin, aluminium ones. Pastes e.g. for soldering of steel, stainless steel and aluminium in industrial furnaces (pastes for hard and soft soldering),
- solders for brazing: silver solders with a low temperature of soldering without cadmium, both bare and coated with flux, solders copper phosphorus (possibly with silver) for soldering of copper and brass, brass solders for soldering of steel and solders for soldering of aluminium, including solders filled with flux inside a wire,
- complete equipment for autogenous soldering - burners, pressure reducing valves and accessories, equipment for electric induction brazing and automated soldering - soldering machines or soldering furnaces, including counseling,
- unique technology of autogenous soldering with oxygen + hydrogen produced directly on the place of usege by Oxyweld generator from distilled water without the need of any supply of industrial gases.

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