Test combustion chamber for testing of powdered coal, the Czech Republic

Test combustion chamber for testing of powdered coal
IVITAS, JSC. company has a unique facility to search for optimum for combustion in furnaces of powder boilers. Technological equipment of facility enables to set, control and monitor all relevant parameters of the combustion process. Thus, we can find the best combustion mode for a specific fuel to minimize NOx and CO emissions. A particular fuel sample in amount of at least 2 t is needed for carrying out tests of this fuel.
Testing combustion facility enables to carry out special tests:
- verification of joint combustion of various fuels
- combustion tests aimed at reduction of NOx emissions
- the possibility of tests using reburning (post-combustion)
- testing of additives for combustion, including SNCR testing
- the possibility of combustion of mixtures of powdered fuels
- the possibility of additional combustion of various fuels with an independent auxiliary burner
- measuring of characteristic data of combustion paths for various types of combustion and combustion air zones and recirculated flue gas.

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