Structures for large screens, the Czech Republic

Our company ALFEKO produces and installs aluminum structures for sports purposes. These are mainly structures for large screens in stadiums and media cubes above the playing surface.

We can supply to you complete load-bearing structures for projection screens.
We produce various versions of structures for large screens according to customer's requirements:
-standalone structures
-structures anchored to a part of a building
-structures suspended (hanging) from a hall, stadium roof
-structures in grandstands

Our advantages and benefits:
-simple and light structures, made of aluminum
-solution tailored directly to customer's needs
-we cooperate with a leading software company in the field of flat projections
-very high quality of workmanship.

In the field of structures for large screens, we have many years of experience and a number of references - for example:
- structures for large screens - media cube - Olympic Stadium SOCHI 2, Russia
- structures for large screens - Ondrej Nepela Ice Arena - Bratislava, Slovakia
- structures for luminous advertising - Ice Arena Vienna, Austria
- other references are available upon request.

We produce a variety of other elements and structures for sports clubs, mostly to order.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a demonstration of our capabilities.

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