Sale and breeding of Kladruby Horses (Kladrubers), the Czech Republic

The Kladruby Horse is the oldest breed in the Czech Republic. It is breeding uniqueness, the origin of which is recorded at the beginning of modern times. It is the only breed that was bred for ceremonial purposes of rulers. It still retains a baroque character. Today it is very popular as an exhibition horse. It was named after the stud farm in Kladruby nad Labem.
Kladruby Horse ranks among the heaviest hot-blooded horses. It is tall, strong with impressive appearance. A thick mane and a tail should not be cut. Hooves are hard, well shaped and spacious. Their elastic and spacious paces with high action are their characteristic and they improve their majestic appearance. Sometimes they need longer time to understand your instructions, but if you are patient, reliable and hardworking horse will surely be your reward. They are very sensitive and gentle horses with a good memory. They are nice and friendly.

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