STEPA - cutting printing and rewinding of large windings - sizes to measure, the Czech Republic

The STEPA company is engaged in production of paper products, slitting, printing and rewinding of large windings. The production program of the STEPA company is specialized in manufacturing of common paper products and in custom manufacturing - sizes to measure. We repair, split and rewind narrow reels or coils with spiral winding and wheels with damaged core tubes with special products. The STEPA company furnishes offices, hospitals, car repair shops and households with its products. In our wholesale and retail sale everyone will find what he is looking for. Do not hesitate to contact the STEPA company or to order goods directly.

- printing from roll to roll
- slitting of narrow strips
- slitting and rewinding of large windings
- winding-up of materials to rolls
- sheeting and sizing
- repairing, splitting and rewinding of narrow reels

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