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Custom production of paints - SYNPO the Czech Republic

SYNPO JSC company is engaged in production and supply activity in the field of surface finish treatment. Paints to order ensure long-term stability of their properties, such as chemical and mechanical resistance, high gloss and colour stability. In addition, custom paints are suitable for different kinds of base materials. Paints from SYNPO company meet the strictest environmental regulations and retain their high chemical, physical and aesthetic parameters as well. Paints made to order can be applied in industry and wherever corrosion protection is necessary. Our SYNPO company carries out contracts ranging from one kilogram up to tens of tons. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us.

The SYNPO company offers:
• paints for first-class surface quality
• consulting services in the field of surface treatments, legislation in the field of ecology and health protection
• free technical support, training
• continuous innovation process
• compliance with legislative limits for environmental protection
• short delivery times, supply to your home
• mixing equipment

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