Producer of pumps, the Czech Republic

Producer of pumps.

Our company is a very important Czech producer of pumps and pumping systems. Our goal is to provide pumps and pumping systems of the highest possible technical and utility level. This has been achieved thanks to our long-time experience in the field of pumping equipment, as well as continuous development and improving of our pumps. Long service life of our pumps, without the necessity of expensive servicing, has been achieved due to design and used stainless material for all their metal moving and stationary parts.

Besides pumps, we produce and supply patented special suspensions for submersible pumps, pressure sewer systems, incl. up-to-date control electronics, developed in our own development centre.

All-stainless sewer safety valves and all-stainless sewer flap valves with a ball also have found a permanent place in our production.
In 2013, our offer was extended by sale of pressure tanks, house waterworks, water level sensors.

We offer a three year warranty for pumps, incl. servicing directly at the customer' place within 48 hours.

The offer has been placed by company NORIA s.r.o.

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