Concentrate and yeast for beer production

The VUPS company is a manufacturer and supplier of wort concentrate for beer production.
The wort concentrate is a specially evaporated hopped wort. It is produced in powder consistency. Any type of beer can be produced, especially suitable for lagers - bottom fermentation.

After mixing with water in an appropriate proportion, a quality brewer's wort is obtained. It is suitable for beer production both under home conditions and under conditions of microbreweries and industrial breweries.

For the home production of beer, detailed instructions for the production are prepared for each retail packaging. VUPS supplies for beer production also brewing yeast cultures in the form of a liquid suspension, pressed yeast or lyophilized (dried) one for home production.

Beer production from the wort concentrate, in comparison with the production from basic raw materials, has a number of advantages both in home and in industrial conditions:
- the concentrate is standard and thus finished beer is standard
- energy cost reduction
- the production is environmentally friendly - without spent grains and sludges
- production simplification - the space and machinery savings.

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