Tracked, wheeled, combat-engineer equipment, repairs of military equipment, the Czech Republic

VOP CZ, s.p. carries out repairs, servicing, maintenance of military equipment:
- tracked vehicles
- tanks - training of specialists, spare parts supply
- infantry fighting vehicles (BMP)
- armoured personnel carriers
- special mission kits based upon BMP chassis - design, production
- air defence
- repairs, refurbishing of historical equipment
- wheeled vehicles
- light off-road vehicles
- wheeled armoured vehicles
- special mission kits based upon cross-country vehicles
- platform, low flatbed, special trailers
- engineer equipment for construction of bridges
- earth-moving machinery
- mine-laying, mine-clearing equipment.
We also produce tactical reconnaissance systems for the ground forces, guarding and security systems, field hospitals, medical equipment, decontamination systems, NBC reconnaissance equipment, personnel protective devices, field power units, mobile workshops, workshop equipment, ballistic resistant containers.

We provide training of workshop and chemical specialists, environmentally-friendly disposal of defence equipment.

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VOP CZ, s.p.

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