International transport of the deceased, the Czech Republic

Death of a close person is never easy. We are mourning for loss of a human and are dealing with a lot of related things. Since last farewell is connected with death of a person in our society. I firmly believe that this is the same in other civilized societies. In the form of a funeral or a cremation. Arranging this event is then another unpleasant experience. We try it was not so already 20 years!!!! That is worse when we lose someone close abroad. However, Pegas CZ Funeral service will help you even with this situation, since it offers service of international transport of the deceased.

These international transports of the deceased are carried out from any place in the world to the Czech Republic. Of course, this service works also in opposite direction. We transport foreign nationals who died in the Czech Republic to their homeland. Pegas CZ Funeral service offers international transport of the deceased both for important Czech and foreign insurance companies and also for private persons, and service of international transport of the deceased works absolutely incessantly. The long distance does not change the fact that the transport of the deceased will be dignified - using special hearses and coffins with a zinc insert. In case of long distances, we also provide air transport of the departed. We provide consultancy in this regard - we will advise you the best option.

In case of international transportation of the deceased, we also provide other services:

- Dealing with proper permissions - hygienist, board of customs, consulate, etc.
- Provision of funeral ceremony anywhere in the Czech Republic
- Alternatively, we carry out embalming and preservation
- We cooperate with insurance companies and assistance services.

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