Manufacturing of tools for wood, metal and plastic, the Czech Republic

The Czech company VYDONA s.r.o. manufactures tools to order according to customer's requirements, namely tools for wood, plastic and metal. Our products are of high quality thanks to our up-to-date equipment for machining of these instruments. It is not only production that is important for us, but we are here for our customers also within counseling, as we have many years of experience in the field.

Production of tools for woodworking:
- production of standard tools and special tools and tool systems according to specific customer's specifications
- tools for nearly all woodworking industries
- we supply tools for all types of woodworking machines - spindle moulders, multi-sided mills, single-purpose machines, machining centres and CNC machines.

Tools for machining of plastic materials to order:
- tools for plastic
- tools for manufacture of plastic and aluminum windows
- tools for plastic material machining operations
- tools for automotive industry
- tools for plastic recycling.

Manufacture of tools for machining of metals, high speed hardenable steels:
- production, sale, service of special tool systems for metal
- special tools according to specific customer's specifications
- instruments are manufactured according to the European safety standards EN 847-1 and EN 847-2.

Production of a custom-made tool is treated individually with each customer.

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