Agricultural and forestry equipment Cesky Tesin, the Czech Republic

Our company provides agricultural and forestry machinery:
- Delfin gully emptiers
- municipal equipment - SIPMA PO 2211 OPAL snow blower
- ATLAS, TYTAN grain crimpers
- front loaders
- EKO trailers
- WS 6510 DROMADER self-loading transporters of bales, capacity of 6.5 t
- KOMBO exchangeable extendable system - universal chassis, box body, extension with a manure spreader, extension with a platform intended for transport of bales of hay, haylage and straw, volume body intended for transport of feed and light loose materials
- mounted bale wrappers
- self-loading semi-mounted bale wrappers
- self-loading bale wrappers with front or side loading
- self-loading bale wrappers with wrapping
- spreaders of manure and industrial fertilizers
- bale separators
- fodder rollers
- roto-balers
- high pressure presses
- WPT PTO shafts
- adjustment unit
- reaping machines - KD 2400 PRERIA disc reaper.

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